Makala plays at Glastonbury Festival 2014


Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts

Datorren astean, Ekainak 25.tetik 29.era Glastonbury Festival ekitaldia ospatuko da. Lau hamarkadatik honera Inglaterrako musika jaialdi ospetsuena. Aurtengo edizioan adibidez eskenatoki nagusietan, besteak beste Arcade Fire, Jack White, Robert Plant, Dolly Parton, Daptone Super Soul Revue, Skrillex, Massive Attack, De La Soul, Bonobo, Jurassic 5,… joko dute.

Makala euskal musikariak konfirmatu du ere parte hartuko duela jaialdi honetan. Guzira 3 emanaldi eskeiniko ditu DJ lanetan, perkusiojole baten laguntzarekin. Asteakenak 25, Ostegunak 26 eta Ostiralak 27.ko gauetan, The Common eta Shangri-La guneetan kokaturiko hainbat eskenatokietan arituz.

Dentro de una semana arranca el prestigioso festival Glastonbury edición 2014, que se realiza desde hace más de cuatro décadas en Inglaterra. Este año, en los escenarios principales actuarán del 25 al 29 de Junio grandes nombres de la talla de Arcade Fire, Jack White, Robert Plant, Dolly Parton, Daptone Super Soul Revue, Skrillex, Massive Attack, De La Soul, Bonobo, Jurassic 5, … por citar algunos pocos.

El músico vasco Makala, ha confirmado su asistencia y ofrecerá un total de 3 actuaciones como DJ acompañado de un percusionista, en las noches del Miércoles 25, Jueves 26 y Viernes 27 en varios escenarios situados en las áreas de The Common y Shangri-La.

Wednesday 25th June – From 23:00 > 02:00
DJ Makala (with live percussions) & DJ Marc Stylus
at “Copperdollar – The Back Of Beyond”, The Common, Glastonbury Festival, UK

Thursday 26th June – From 23:00 > 02:00
DJ Makala (with live percussions), DJ Marc Stylus & DJ Cal Jader
at “Copperdollar – The Back Of Beyond”, The Common, Glastonbury Festival, UK

Friday 27th June – From 01:00 > 02:00
DJ Makala (with live percussions)
at “Bar Of Ideas”, Shangri-La, Glastonbury Festival, UK

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Elkano Browning Cream “Bohemia” (Makala Remix) included on “Copperdollar, The Back Of Beyond” Album Compilation



Includes music from: Quantic, Renegades Of Jazz, The Colman Brothers, Al Lindrum, Omegaman, Solo Moderna, Palov, DJ Farrapo, Lemon, Kidboy, Frederik Bowling, Lucho Bermudez, Wara, Elkano Browning Cream, Benji Boko, Boy Com and more…

After a lot of planning ‘Copperdollar, The Back Of Beyond’ is finally here…. It’s a fantastic 15 track digipack CD and download compilation album put together in collaboration with long-time friends Copperdollar, the award-winning performance company.

Copperdollar are known for their cutting-edge and mixed-media immersive theatre productions inspired by Mexico’s Day Of The Dead and we’ve watched them grow over the years to become a justly popular and surreal fixture at numerous UK music festivals. They rightly won the audience-voted Favourite Event at the Brighton Fringe Festival in 2012 and continue to attract a dedicated cult following from everyone lucky enough to have stumbled across their after-hours tent in the eponymous Back Of Beyond.

Difficult to describe, but impossible to forget.

The CD features some obscure but dance-ably infectious music from their live shows. It is compiled with care by their resident DJ, Marc Stylus. Much like the theatre company themselves, the music takes elements of traditional latin and hispanic music and places them firmly in a 21st century context. The overall effect is exotic but with a modern twist; The listener carried into a hypnotic world of transcendent beats, basslines and the irresistable vitality that, ironically, only a celebration of the afterlife could bring


ABOUT COPPERDOLLAR: Originally commissioned by Glastonbury Festival (after playing a key role in creating the notorious Lost Vagueness which is where our paths first crossed), Copperdollar have since performed at Brighton Fringe, The National Theatre, Bestival, Boomtown and many more. The release of this compilation marks a new milestone in the history of the Company and showcases the unique musical heritage at the heart of their performances.


Catch them live at Glastonbury later this year, or experience a special album launch taster event with MOVIMIENTOS at London’s Passing Clouds on 21st February 2014.


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