Makala in Liberty Of Art Booking Agency



We are very proud to announce that the musician, producer, remixer & dj Mikel Unzurrunzaga Schmitz better known as Makala is a new part of the liberty of art family. We give MAKALA a very warm Welcome.

Makala has released several vinyls & records for labels such as Novophonic, Metak, Uptight International, Achiliboots & Lovemonk. Also has released some remixes & tracks for compilations in labels such as UrbanWorld (Denmark), Movimientos (UK), Agogo (Germany), Freshly Squeezed (UK), Rip Curl (Japan), High Note (Taiwan), Lola’s World (Germany), Wagram (France), …Makala has performed as discjockey in clubs & venues of Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Nederland, Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, USA,… and some festivals such as Sonar 2000 (Barcelona), Porto 2001 “European Capital of Culture” (Portugal), Popkomm 2002 (Köln), Dranouter Festival 2009 (Belgium), Paulusfeesten 2010 & 2012 (Oostende, Belgium), Jazzaldia (San Sebastián),…

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New Video! Makala “Unexpected Tapas” DJ Tour 2012

After a long DJ tour during 2012 year, here are some footages of parties, gigs & more, made it in some cities like Amsterdam, New York, Paris, London, Barcelona, Berlin, Oostende, Brugge, ….
Soon a complete video report of Makala’s “Unexpected Tapas” DJ Tour 2012. Stay tuned!