Makala in Electro Swing Club at The Book Club, London


Saturday 16th June | 20:00 – 2:00
The Book Club, 100 Leonard Street – Shoreditch (London)
£5 before 10 £10 afters

We have a cracker thanks to the beggining of festival season. Storming night of jumpiness please come !


The petits muppets of the retro remix, throwing everything from Blues to Boogaloo in the mix and managing to be one of the jumpinest acts in our world .

DJ MAKALA (Espania)
Another first the first Spanish Genius Vintage reworker , specialising in Boogalooo and more he is very very welcome.

DJ SPRY BRY (Canada)
All the way from Vancouver Canada and a first in ES club from this place, Spry runs Electro Swing Clubs from the US to Alaska and has a whole new angle on this amazing

Plus our house regulars, video, etc
Plus much more
Headphone Disco Upstairs with Auntie Maureen and more playing the sounds of the Vintage times

* This was the first electro swing club in the World , we never have a dress code , but anything that remixes 1920 to 1950 is good for us

+ Info:


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