Makala dj sets at Womex 2011 in Copenhagen

Makala Dj sets at Womex 2011 in Copenhagen

Thursday 27th October – 22:00 > 02:00
“Al Lindrum Presents Ojos De Brujo Remixed”
Makala, Al Lindrum & Farrapo Djs @ Barbarellah (Copenhagen)

Friday 28th October – 13:30 > 14:00
“UWR*& SchackMusik presents: Future World Music Sessions”
Makala Dj @ Cafe Zusammen (Copenhagen)

Friday 28th October – 23:00 > 05:00
“La Piranha – Off-Wmx Especial”
Copia Doble Systema (LIVE), Makala, Farrapo, Ion din Anina, Thykier & Schakalakklak
@ Rust (Copenhagen)

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