Global Funk Parties with Nickodemus (NYC) & Makala djs in Donosti

Global Funk is proud to announce this June guest dj Nickodemus from New York City, will be spinning next wednesday 22th at Be Bop and thursday 23th with Makala at Le Bukowski in Donostia-San Sebastian.
NICKODEMUS (Turntables on the Hudson NYC/ Louie & Chan/ WONDERWHEEL Recordings/ ESL Music)

It’s really a food tour disguised as a music hustle…

June 3: Dublin @ Southwilliam Bar Afrobass w/ Lex Woo
June 4 & 5: Galway, Ireland @ Havana Cultura Festival
June 9: Bordeaux @ Calle Ocho/ Cafe Cubano w/ Hallex
June 10: Amsterdam @ Nooderlicht w/Tropical Soundclash
June 11: Berlin @ La Lupita w/ La Chusma
June 12: Berlin @ Das Hotel w/ Brazelona Sessions
June 15: Barcelona @ Club Marula w/ Djiiva & AndyLoop
June 17: Paris @ Caberet Sauvage w/ Sofrito, Setenta & Quantic
June 18: London @ Nottinghill Arts w/ Movimientos
June 22: San Sebastian, Spain @ BeBop
June 23: San Sebastian, Spain @ Le Bukowski w/ Makala
June 25: Girona, Spain @ Ethnival (Festival)
June 26: Menorca @ La Cova
June 30: Turntables in Ibiza @Las Dalias w/ Lovemonk


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