Makala’s “Unexpected Tapas” CD album & digital

Out Now!

Makala: Unexpected Tapas
(Lovemonk 2011)

San Sebastian, in the North West corner of Spain, is the home of the best tapas in the country. It is also home to Makala, a DJ and producer that’s been making waves over the last few years with tasty club rocking tunes that fuse old school rumba, salsa, reggae, swing and mambo with breakbeats and chugging 4 to floor beats. This June Lovemonk is proud to present Makala’s 2nd long player ‘Unexpected Tapas’, where his fusion of traditional music with contemporary club productions reaches it’s zenith.

The album collects his previous singles “Partió La Tabla / Cartoon Tune” (2009, Lovemonk) and his killer second double 7-inch called “Vamos a Comer” (2010, Lovemonk) and adds a load of new tracks and remixes from DJ Farrapo (Agogo), Dusty (Jazz & Milk) and Dubben (GAMM). It’s an extremely varied album taking in the reggae and ska flavours of ‘Ska Con Booglaoo’, ‘Máquina De Amor’ and ‘Friendly Fire’, the swinging breakbeats of ‘Cartoon Tune’ and ‘Happy Sound’, the latin-beats dancefloor gold of ‘Meneíto Magistral’, ‘Vamos A Comer’ and ‘Partió la Tabla’ and many more!

Makala’s strapline line is ‘Happy Sound’, a fitting and self explanatory term, you can clearly hear joy in his music. And just like any of the many tapas bars in the old town of San Sebastian, with a myriad of tasty delicacies covering the bar, this album is full flavoured, exciting and very satisfying! Perfect for the summer’s parties ahead, throw it on the turntable, grab a cocktail and swing baby!

Buy it here:

Listen here to the tune “Bacalao Al Pil-Pil (Dj Farrapo Remix)” included on this Album:


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